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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Commands That Arent Used By The Original UO Server: [c text here     world chat, lets you use a public chat line that is heard and seen by everybody.
[g text here     guild chat, lets you communicate in the same way but with everyone in youre guild.
[pm persons name here     Private Message, sends a text message to one person that appeares in an openable window in the top left hand corner of their screen.
Commands used everywere: All Come/Pets Name Come/All Follow Me/Pets Name Follow Me Orders any of youre pets to follow you...
All Kill/All Attack/Pets Name Kill/Pets Name Attack Orders youre pet to Attack and Kill a creature, monster, or person.
All Guard/Pets Name Guard Orders youre pet to guard and attack anything thats attacking you note:does not work if you attacked the monsters youreself
All Stop/Pets Name Stop Orders youre creature to stop what they are doing, and they will start wondering around.
All Stay/Pets Name Stay Orders youre creature to stay in that one spot.
Forward Makes youre ship go forward
Back Makes youre ship go backwards
Left Makes youre ship go left
Right Makes youre ship go right
Forward left/Forward right/Back left/Back right Makes youre ship go in either of thoughs directions
Vendor Buy Opens up the purchasing screen which you use to buy objects from the vendor Note:Used to work at a long distance in the UO:R version but new versions only work if youre standing next to the vendor.
Vendor Sell Opens up the selling screen which you use to sell youre objects. The same note as the previous commands applies here.
Bank Opens up youre bank box which you can safely store youre gold or items.
Balance Has youre banker tell you how much gold is stored in youre bank.
Check Amount Of Gold Has youre banker form a certain amount of gold that can start at 5000 to 1000000 decreasing weight and the amount of items in youre bank.
NOTE: All Commands Here Except Check, And The Ship Commands Can Also Be Used By Single Clicking The Orders Thing And Click The Command On The Dropdown List.