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Donation Rewards:Note:All Donations Are $1
Personal Training Elemental In Youre House (Dont Have To Go To Despises Entrance And Use The Public Elementals And Get Into Trouble For Going Afk)
Personal Spawner (Spawn Any Monster In Youre House Or Area Except The Boss Monsters)
Personal Banker, ResGate, AND PetResStone. (Use A Bank At Home, Ressurect Youreself At Home, And Youre Pet At Home)
Hooded Robe (Just Something Thats Cool, Putting Up The Hood Looks Cool And Makes You Look Like A Ghost, And Putting Down The Hood Makes You Look Like Youre Wearing A Normal Robe)
Ten Million Gold (Self Expanitory)
Personal Vendor (Any Intown Vendor Will Be Placed At Youre House)
Invulnerable Creatures (You Get 5 And Nomore Unless You Are Using Seperate Houses, Order Any Creature And I Set It To Invulnerable, You Dont Get To Order It Around But Its House Deco)
Attribute Transfer (If You Make An Item And Like Its Attributes You Can Send It To Another Item You Have That Also Has The Same Attributes, Note:The Transfered Attributed Item Will Be Deleted)
Auto GMed Skill (When You Start You Get 5 Legendary Skills (120) Well This Makes Any Skill Of Youre Choosing Automaticaly 100)
To Donate Just Give James The Money At School And Tell Him Which You Would Like.

Anything in this column is only buyable in Gold...
Guild Town Bank (You must first have a guild town of 5 people with all 5 in the guild)(100000)
Hooded Robe (500000)

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